Davis Picnic Day Brawl Suspects Appear in Court

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WOODLAND — More than six weeks later, more people were arrested in connection with the UC Davis Picnic Day brawl.

Days after the April incident, Davis police announced the arrest of three young men, accusing them of brutally attacking undercover officers.

On Friday, warrants were issued for the arrests of three more people — Angelica Reyes, Iszir Price and Romeo Lopez.

“I was just scared for my life, for everybody’s life around me,” said defendant Angelica Reyes.

Each of the suspects were caught on dash cam video. But each of them have told FOX40 they had no idea, the men at the center of the fight — were Davis police officers.

“With all the police brutality that’s going on nowadays, I would never in my life ever even approach a cop in that type of manner. We didn’t know that they were cops,” said defendant Price.

Reyes says she was merely defending her son’s father, Antwoine Perry, who she says police were hitting at the time.

“When you see someone in harm’s way, you’re gonna do what you can to help. So that’s what she was doing,” defendant Antwoine Perry said.

Reyes says police had her in a choke hold, which caused her to lose consciousness. That’s when Alexander Craver says he witnessed her going down, and defended her.

“What they did was in the wrong, and I was just protecting a woman, in my defense,” Craver said.

“Really it just comes down to everything that’s going on nowadays. It’s just a lot of racism, I feel like plays a big part in this case,” Price said.

Perry, Craver and Elijah Williams were set to be arraigned today in Yolo County Court on the assault charges.

But the judge ordered them back to court next Tuesday, when all six suspects can be arraigned at the same time.

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