Witnesses help woman being ‘violently beaten’ near Nugget Markets in Davis

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DAVIS, Calif. (KTXL) – Davis police and witnesses say a 59-year-old woman was viciously attacked outside the Nugget Markets off Chiles Road. 

Chuck Klein said while driving by he knew he had to intervene. 

“He kept, with his boots, just hammering her face. Then he punched her, and then I showed up. And he looked right at me, and he called me the devil,” Klein said. “I know he was mentally unstable.” 

“It was the most disturbing thing I have ever seen. The way this gal looked, in my mind, I just thought, ‘I’ve got a daughter, and I would just hope somebody would get involved if they saw something like that happening.’” 

Davis police say the suspected attacker, identified as Joseph Granken, is from Placer County. 

After Klein showed up, he says the 59-year-old woman was already unconscious, and that he became the alleged attacker’s next target. 

“He just had a glazed look, and he looked at me and says, ‘I am going to kill you.’ And he came towards me, we wrestled around a little bit and threw a couple of punches,” Klein told FOX40. 

At one point Klein says the man got into his truck. 

“Maybe at some point, he was going to maybe drive it away, but he didn’t,” Klein explained. “He got out, and then he wanted to go back and said, ‘I’m just taking care of business.’”

Klein says he then got others to come to his aid. 

“Turned around and somebody was driving by and I said, ‘Help me. I need help,’” Klein said. 

Eventually, multiple strangers did help, including one man Klein said tackled the suspect. 

“Ultimately, they challenged him and kept him on scene until officers arrived,” said Davis Deputy Police Chief Paul Doroshov. 

Klein said he doesn’t know if the traumatic experience will affect him negatively in the future and added he knows he did the right thing. 

“I’m happy I reacted the way I did, and I think it would have been a lot worse for me to live with if I didn’t do anything,” he said. 

Granken is now in Yolo County Jail on suspicion of felony assault, according to police.

Police say the 59-year-old homeless woman was taken to UC Davis Medical Center for head injuries and did not have an update on her condition. 

Police are urging anyone who may have information about this case to contact them. 

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