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DAVIS, Calif. (KTXL) — Davis police are looking for four thieves who stole thousands of dollars worth of makeup and alcohol.

“An uptick of what a lot of people have been seeing, which are these commercial brazen thefts involving multiple suspects who come into the store just load up on merchandise, a lot of times very significant losses, and then leave the store,” Davis Police Department Deputy Chief Paul Doroshov told FOX40.

Surveillance video showed the suspects hit two CVS pharmacies along East Covell and West Covell boulevards Sunday afternoon, snatching loads of cosmetics worth more than $14,000.

Police said thieves then hit a Safeway around the corner, grabbing high-end alcohol worth $2,000.

Doroshov said the thefts were well orchestrated suggesting some level of planning and conspiring.

FOX40 asked police whether the same thieves committed the crimes.   

“We strongly believe the two CVS ones were because both of them lost large amounts of cosmetics,” Doroshov said.

At Safeway just around the corner from CVS, the suspects posed as customers to get the clerk to unlock the liquor.

“Once they gave him access, they grabbed the bottles,” Doroshov said. 

Investigators believe the suspects have been casing nearby Rite Aid’s liquors to hit at a later time.

Doroshov said they have more patrols out in commercial areas looking for the thieves and the district attorney is also taking the crimes seriously and will hold the thieves accountable.

“We’re going to do all we can to try and protect and deter these types of thefts,” Doroshov said.