Davis Residents Work Through ‘Emotional Toll’ of Officer’s Shooting Death

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DAVIS — The shooting of Officer Natalie Corona rocked the small college town of Davis.

Neighbors say they’re working to move forward while honoring her life.

Business owner Lee Pflugrath remembers getting a phone call Thursday night from a friend warning him of an active shooter.

“No one really knew what to think at first,” he recalled. “It was just so out of the blue.”

As bullets flew, fatally striking 22-year-old Corona, businesses like Pflugrath’s yogurt shop went on lockdown.

“The police are all out in front here in riot gear, SWAT stuff, and it was kind of a scary situation,” Pflugrath told FOX40. “So I said, ‘Absolutely, go ahead and close down for the safety of my employees and my customers.'”

“I mean you don’t hear about it happening in Davis,” said Alyssa Bulfer.

Bulfer owns Let Them Eat Cake, a bakery next door to Pflugrath’s shop. She says the town is normally pretty safe, with the downtown streets full of students from the University of California, Davis campus at any given time.

“It was a shock. I mean it took place two blocks away from us, so we kind of felt the emotional toll,” Bulfer said.

Police identified 48-year old Kevin Limbaugh as the man who shot and killed Officer Corona as she responded to a three-car crash. Police say Limbaugh later took his own life inside his home.

Now, those who live and work in Davis say it will take time for their small town to heal after tragedy.

“There’s a lot more things going around in this town and you got to be aware of and you got to look around,” Pflugrath said.

A memorial service for Officer Corona will be held Friday morning on the UC Davis campus.


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