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A day after armed bank robbers took three hostages and led police on an hour-long chase that ended in three deaths, Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva is calling for 120 more officers.

“I want to do more, quite honestly, and get more involved in the hiring of police officers, but at this time at this stage in Stockton’s government, I don’t really have the opportunity to do that,” Silva told FOX40 Thursday.

Silva hopes a “Strong Mayor” initiative on the 2016 ballot will give him more flexibility to secure those new hires.

In the meantime, Stockton resident Jordan Coates is hoping to bring the community together.

“Somebody has to get together and say, ‘We need to get together and this needs to stop,'” she said.

Coates has planned a candlelight vigil for Saturday at 8 p.m. at the University Plaza Waterfront Hotel.