(KTXL) — After recording all-time high temperatures on Tuesday, Sept. 6. and narrowly avoiding planned power shut-offs, California is struggling with its energy supply as the scorching heat continues.

Energy providers across California are still warning residents of a potential need for rolling blackouts as the heat wave continues throughout the state.

On Tuesday, Downtown Sacramento reached a new all-time high of 116 degrees.

Wednesday marks the 7th Flex Alert day in a row and as of 1:28 p.m., the California Independent System Operator declared an Energy Emergency Alert 2 urging consumers to cut back on their energy use.

California ISO will determine when the blackouts are needed and will instruct energy providers to begin implementing them.

While SMUD is not a part of the California ISO system it has also mentioned that it is struggling with its power grid during the heat wave and could potentially implement rotating outages among its customers. 

Both SMUD and PG&E have said that, in the case of rolling blackouts, both providers would let their customers know beforehand if their power would be shut off. 

The FOX40 Weather Center is predicting that for the next three days the temperature will remain over 100 degrees. On Wednesday the high is estimated to be 108 degrees, on Thursday the high will be approximately 111 degrees, and on Friday the high will be 108 degrees.

Due to this extreme heat, energy providers are still encouraging energy conservation over the next three days.