Delayed Off-Campus Housing Project Forces Nearly 200 Sac State Students to Stay at Hotels

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SACRAMENTO — Some Sacramento State students have been forced to stay in hotels as their private, off-campus housing complex remained under construction.

It was supposed to open Aug. 21 — before the start of classes — with enough time for the nearly 300 students to move and settle in.

Instead of staying in the brand new housing complex they signed up for, however, almost 200 students have been temporarily sleeping in hotels as their Academy65 apartment building undergoes the final stages of construction. Around 100 students have chosen to stay at home while they wait.

“I don’t have all the things that make home home,” said Sacramento State junior Tanayshia Price on Wednesday.

Price transferred to Sacramento State from the Bay Area and was looking forward to moving in to her new apartment as planned last week. Her family even took time off work to help transport her things.

Now, she has been forced to live out of a suitcase until her building is up and ready.

“It’s hard in the sense that now I have to focus on how am I going to get all my stuff here? And, you know, living in a hotel,” she told FOX40.

She’s been doing all of that while juggling her first week of classes at a new school.

“As a student, it’s pretty stressful going to school and trying to figure out your living situation and stuff. And the fact that they have kids in hotels, it’s outrageous,” said sophomore Marquice Wong.

In response to the delay, the housing complex offered accommodations for those impacted.

Affected students have been given the option of staying in a hotel free of charge, even providing transportation to and from school. The students also received a $250 electronic gift card each week for food and other living expenses paid for by the housing complex.

Students from the Sacramento area have the option of staying with friends and family until the project is complete. In return, Academy65 will pay them $500 a week in electronic gift cards.

“We recognize that this is an inconvenience for our students and we have tried to go above and beyond not only to provide lodging to these students but a variety of other options as well,” said Academy65 General Manager Olivia Moller.

Still, some students said the inconvenience overshadows the perks and they hope to settle into their new home sooner rather than later.

“I think they need to do something about this as soon as possible,” Wong said.

The new target move-in date is Sept. 6 but FOX40 has been told there is a chance construction will take even longer.

The school issued us a statement that reads:

We are concerned about students displaced due to the off-campus Academy 65 construction delay. While the University’s on-campus housing is full, we do encourage students to utilize the many other campus services available if they are struggling while waiting for their apartment to open. There may be services or support we can provide depending on individual needs. We encourage these students to contact Student Affairs at (916) 278-4056.


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