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CARMICHAEL, Calif. (KTXL) — A chaotic scene unfolded in Carmichael Monday morning when a pickup truck driver ran over and killed a pedestrian before attacking three other people.

The assailant and two victims have been hospitalized.

The unidentified pickup truck driver hit and killed a man in the street in the area of Manzanita Avenue and Fair Oaks Boulevard, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office.

A bystander saw what happened and went to help the victim lying in the street.

“That suspect pickup truck circled back, hit that subject helping the first victim,” explained Sacramento County Sheriff’s Sgt. Rod Grassmann.

Then, about two blocks away, the driver attacked again by rear-ending another vehicle, pushing it 100 yards down Cypress Avenue.

“Gets out of the pickup truck with a crowbar or something like it, and goes after the driver of the vehicle that he had just rear-ended,” Grassmann said.

That’s when Mike Guido said he pulled up and tried to get the suspect away from the woman he was attacking.

“I look over and a gentleman is beating a woman in her car,” Guido told FOX40. “So, I kind of slowed down to kind of intervene and he ends up taking his mind off of her, coming at me and hits my car with his weapon.”

Guido’s car door was punctured.

“He stopped beating the woman, so for me, it felt I guess I did my part in that sense. He stopped beating her and went on to somebody else. Who knows, he probably would have killed her if he would’ve kept going,” Guido said.

“It was something straight out of a movie,” he continued.

Investigators said while Guido’s car was being attacked, the woman was rescued by a private security officer who happened to be driving by.

One witness, who chose not to identify himself, said he watched the suspect attacking an older man outside of the Carmichael Elks Lodge when he attempted to help by stopping the suspect with his truck.

“He was repeatedly punching him. When he went back to his truck, he grabbed a crowbar and went across the street; he started assaulting people over there. So then he came out in front of my vehicle, started beating up an old timer that was there,” he told FOX40. “I just bumped him.”

However, the assailant turned his attention to a trailer parked inside the Carmichael Elks Lodge parking lot, where a married couple from Nevada was staying.

Friends of the victims said the husband came out with a gun, but the attacker disarmed him.

“The gun does go off a few times is my understanding,” Grassmann explained.

During the altercation, the husband was shot in the head.

Deputies told FOX40 his wife then picked up the gun and shot the assailant in the upper body.

Longtime friends of the couple told FOX40 the husband is a 73-year-old former Marine and his wife would do anything for him. 

“She’s fabulous; she’s a fabulous woman. She would give anyone the shirt off her back. She’s a beautiful person inside,” one friend told FOX40.

The husband and the assailant were rushed to the hospital. Officials say the assailant is expected to survive.

The sheriff’s office said the investigation is ongoing, and investigators do not have a motive behind the seemingly random incidents.

“We don’t have a motive, nor are we certain if any of these people knew each other,” Grassmann said.