Deputies Raid Tuolumne County Strip Club after Months-Long Investigation

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JAMESTOWN — A Tuolumne County strip club is now at the center of a narcotics investigation.

So far there have been 10 drug-related arrests of employees at Rosalinda’s Gentleman’s Club in Jamestown after a SWAT team raid Thursday night, but one suspect is still outstanding. Now Tuolumne County is asking that the owner, Rosalinda Aponte Sanmartin, turn herself in. She faces felony charges of maintaining and operating a drug house.

“My grandkids got taken during all of this because these cops came up with a lie saying that we had feces on our bed, in our house and it was on the floor,” said Sharon Joe.

Joe is one of a dozen people living at the motel adjacent to Rosalinda’s Gentleman’s Club. It’s a building the county is now asking them to leave with the help of sheriff’s deputies.

The county told FOX40 it was unsafe to live in.

“We determined that there were numerous code compliant violations, many of them related to unsafe exiting facilities, electrical fire hazards, numerous violations in both structures, including substandard housing violations,” said Tuolumne County Chief Building Official Doug Oliver.

The county is providing resource information for the residents who are being displaced.

Those violations come a day after sheriff’s deputies raided both buildings following a month-long undercover investigation into illegal alcohol violations, narcotics and prostitution. Of those arrested, some were employees at the bar and others lived in the motel.

“They tore up every room, I didn’t see them carry out no dope,” Joe said.

Joe was not charged in the raid. However, she was upset her grandchildren were taken by child protective services and that now she’s being kicked out after having just paid the rent.

“Don’t you think somebody should have stepped up months ago if they felt this was a bad place? Don’t you think they should have shut it off then instead of letting the people just continue to take the money?” Joe said.

Others in nearby Jamestown were glad police were doing something about Rosalinda’s, an establishment known for problems, including a 2015 stabbing involving two employees. Officials say deputies were called to the club more than 50 times in 2017 alone. There were nearly 200 calls for service in the last five years, including stabbing incidents, sexual assaults, code violations and theft.

“It’s been a long time coming from my understanding,” said neighbor Lupi Alonso. “I think a lot of the locals wanted to clean that place out because it shouldn’t be here.”

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