Deputies Rescue Teen Hostage in Modesto. Suspect Killed after Hours-Long Standoff

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MODESTO — A horrifying scene unfolded for three siblings in Modesto as an armed man broke into their home and held a teen boy captive Thursday night.

Deputies say moments after a 14-year-old boy was rescued, the suspect was gunned down.

The mother of the teens and her boyfriend are understandably very distraught and shaken that a stranger would hold their teen son hostage.

Their home on Olivero Road, or what neighbors call the “Devil’s Road” due to the number of violent crimes, isn’t too far from the Sheriff’s Department office.

The hours-long standoff took place among the sneakers, dresses and a girl’s backpack in a child’s bedroom,

“It’s… it’s… a horror movie. This is a tragic situation, it really is,” said Ron Jeffries.

Jeffries’ girlfriend, the mother of the three siblings, asked FOX40 to protect her privacy.

“He ran in my home and thought that somebody was going to kill him and so he wouldn’t leave. [He had] a gun,” the mother said.

The mother says her two daughters, 17 and 12, and her 14-year-old son opened the back door to let the dogs out around noon.

She says she and Jeffries were not home when a stranger made his way inside.

“I guess he said that he was gonna be killed by someone else, so he ran here,” Jeffries said.

That man has been identified by the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department as Jose Jesus Astorga Junior of Modest; a 37-year-old man with a problematic past.

“[He] was currently wanted by the sheriff’s department for a noble felony warrant for auto theft, possession of a stolen vehicle, and resisting arrest,” explained Deputy Raj Singh, Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department.

Jeffries says the girls managed to get away and call for help — but Astorga held the boy captive.

During the standoff with police, Jeffries says Astorga rummaged through their stuff and made threats.

“I think the kids said he was like nodding and like acting out and nodding and I’m pretty sure he was on drugs,” Jeffries said.

Authorities say the boy was only able to escape after his second attempt thanks to deputies.

“Our SWAT team members from the sheriff’s department were able to perform a rescue of that juvenile, get him away from the house, and in that process the suspect was killed,” Singh said.

The family says they have no clue who Astorga is or how he ended up at their back door.

“I don’t know that either, that’s what’s so random about the whole thing,” Jeffries said.

And as for their house — they say, it no longer feels like home.

“It’s not home, it’s not home. No, no,” the mother expressed.

The teens did not suffer any major physical injuries, but the family says they are still shaken by the experience.

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