Deputies Rescue Tiny Kitten From Controlled Burn in Suisun City

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SUISUN CITY — Meet the newest member of the Stockton family.

“It’s two to three weeks old,” said Shawna Stockton. “She’s just starting to get buds in her mouth. Her little teeth are coming in.”

The Stockton family didn’t find the little kitten at a shelter. Instead, they found her in the midst of a controlled burn Tuesday along Cordelia Road in Suisun City.

Solano County deputies were there to help Suisun firefighters as they burned several acres of dry, tall grass and shrubs.

“I saw the mother cat with two babies in its mouth going towards the bushes in the backfire area,” said Solano County Sheriff’s Deputy Eldon Parker.

Then they started hearing mewing in some nearby bushes.

“So, we both kind of looked at each other and we were like, ‘Uh oh,’ you know,” said Solano County Sheriff’s Detective Roy Stockton.

“We started breaking down the bushes and listening for the cat and crawling around, trying to find it. And hopefully, there wasn’t any others that was there,” Deputy Parker said.

The mother cat had left a tiny kitten behind.

So, the deputies contacted animal control, who told them that kittens at such a young age have to be fostered because they need to have frequent bottle feedings.

“I’ve always known that my wife has always been a cat lover and so I called in kind of a honey do,” Roy Stockton said.

His wife, Shawna, and their 12-year-old son, Ty, responded immediately to take the new kitten home.

“I had a feeling that once this cat got to the house that it wasn’t going to go anywhere,” Stockton said.

They would become her new forever family.

“Certainly finding this kitten abandoned in kind of the worst of circumstances, it’s nice to be able and see it thrive and have the opportunity to be part of our family,” Detective Stockton said.


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