SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that an Internal Affairs investigation is underway, following a homicide that occurred on May 12 at a halfway home on Rowena Way.

Deputies initially responded to the house for a welfare check, where they said they contacted an individual on the front porch. They left after they said it appeared everything was OK.

Deputies then returned to the house for a call for service by a man in the home, identified as 40-year-old Thomas Dwayne Grant. But after talking with Grant, deputies left —again.

Then deputies responded a third time to the house — all before 10 a.m. — for a call, reportedly made by Grant, who said there was someone inside the house that was unresponsive and believed to be dead.

Deputies and homicide detectives responded and found a deceased victim inside the house. They arrested Grant on suspicion of homicide.

The sheriff’s office released a statement to FOX40 in regards to the events on May 12.

“…This was a homicide and that our deputies had previously been at this location and contacted the suspect, we took the initiative to start an internal affairs investigation as to the actions of our deputies prior to the arrest. We are investigating to make sure our deputies acted appropriately when contacting Thomas Dwayne Grant.”

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office

Sources tell FOX40 that Grant had blood on him when deputies initially contacted him.

When FOX40 asked for video from body cameras worn by patrol deputies, the sheriff’s office declined, saying they could not release video because it was part of their internal investigation.