Deputies Surround Somerset Home Where Woman Says Her Boyfriend Shot Her Daughter

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SOMERSET — The standoff between a suspect and deputies in Somerset finally came to an end Thursday night after roughly nine hours.

“People around here said they heard a number of gunshots,” said neighbor Wayne Morris.

Ulrich Smith (Credit: El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office)

Morris’ quiet El Dorado County neighborhood was blocked off by emergency vehicles as police worked to secure the scene of a possible homicide.

“You know you hear about this all the time but it’s always somewhere else with somebody else involved and it’s never next door to you,” Morris told FOX40.

Homeowners on Meyers Lane said the people living in the home where the incident is believed to have occurred were new to the area and often kept to themselves.

“They moved in here about a year ago,” Morris said. “They haven’t been around here long so people didn’t know them that well and they didn’t really want to do anything. You would try talking to them and they weren’t interested in talking.”

Deputies responded to the house after a woman called from the winery next door notifying police of the alleged crime around 10:15 a.m. The reporting person told deputies that her daughter was shot by her boyfriend, Ulrich Smith, who remained in the home all day long.

Deputies blocked off the road for several hours as a SWAT team moved in.

“The way the house was located on the road. He could see the road and he does have a lot of firearms and he is not cooperating,” said El Dorado County Sheriff’s Lt. Jim Byers. “We don’t want to leave the road open if people are traveling up and down the road and he decides to start shooting.”

Byers told FOX40 Smith, the mother and her daughter were all believed to be in the home when the gunshots rang out.

Investigators say at some point the mother was able to escape to the neighboring business and call 911.

“Our suspect is known to be 65 years old and our alleged victim is described in her 30s,” Byers said. “We know that for sure, she said it was her daughter that was shot.”

Neighbors watched from afar as a heavy law enforcement presence, including the SWAT team and a helicopter, surrounded the area all day long.

Nearby Pioneer Elementary School was also placed on lockdown.

By Thursday night, there were all just relieved the threat to their community was over.

“It’s over. It’s a tragedy that this happened,” Morris said.

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office has not said how the standoff came to an end or if the suspect eventually surrendered.

It is also unknown what happened to the victim inside.

Stay with FOX40 for more updates on this developing incident.


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