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STOCKTON — An 82-year-old woman thanked deputies Friday night after she was attacked inside her Stockton home.

Deputies say the woman went to cash her Social Security check at a nearby bank and when she got home,  three strangers barged in and took her phone, food and cash.

The incident prompted one deputy to purchase new groceries for the elderly woman.

Beatriz Martinez is still shaken up.

She has injuries on the top of her head from that attack.

Martinez only speaks Spanish, her neighbor was able to translate her story.

“Muchas gracias,” Martinez said to the deputy who helped her.

Martinez was all smiles while sitting in her kitchen, next to her neighbor Diana Munoz.

“It’s crazy that people have to prey on the elderly,” Munoz expressed.

Just last week, “when she gets home all of a sudden somebody knocks on her door,” Deputy Ezequiel Pena said. “She doesn’t know who it is, three men force themselves into the residence.”

They took off with her phone, $80, all of the food inside her kitchen and left Martinez battered on the ground.

Deputy Pena, San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, said another responding deputy immediately offered to help.

“Her money has been taken, he does what we would all do, takes her to the grocery store, Smart and Final, purchases food for her, takes her to her residence,” Pena explained.

Munoz translated Martinez’s response, “she wants to say thanks, we still have really nice police who know how to take care of us.”

Munoz says since the attack, she’s been looking out for Martinez.

This is the second time in just weeks, someone has broken into Martinez’s home.

“They should be protecting them and looking out for them, helping them out, people just don’t care these days, they’re just out to get what they can from whomever; the elderly, kids, whoever they can get from, so they do,” Munoz said.

While Martinez says she’s still on edge since the three suspects are still out there, she’s grateful knowing deputies are standing by ready to jump in to help.

“Right now, she feels good because she knows that when she’s out and about they are there somewhere,” Munoz translated for Martinez.

Police say they are looking for one white and two Hispanic males who were possibly driving a grey minivan.

If you have any information, call the San Joaquin Sheriff’s Office.