Dilapidated Stockton Motel Owner Blames City for Poor Conditions

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The owner of a now shut down motel is pointing the finger at the City of Stockton claiming they failed to notify him about numerous code violations which resulted in the notice to vacate.

On Friday they made good with their promise to bring in a contractor. The owner, however, would not allow us on their property but a source shared photos.

Mold, exposed wires, and an overall nightmare some claim — was their everyday living conditions at the Stockton City Motel.

One resident, out of options, created a refrigerator out of their air conditioning unit.

“The sewage leaking out of my toilet, you know, constant water dripping,” Ronald a former tenant explained.

We first talked to Ronald Thursday night about what it was like to live in the motel.

“It’s still a big mess now. A couple of people upset about me talking to you guys, but I really don’t care at the end of the day.”

Friday, he stepped out of the shadows and stepped up for those who are faced with living in squalor.

“I’m speaking for all low-income people to deserve to be at least have human levels, you know, not live like animals,” he said.

According to officials with the City of Stockton, they have been working with the owner of the motel, Mandeep Singh Brar, for 10 months.

“They’ve been working on this property for the last ten months. and the owner just recently went to a hearing,” Officer Joe Silva, the Spokesman for the Stockton Police Department said.

We tried to speak with Brar, but he declined an on camera interview. Instead he told us over the phone, “Code enforcement was there four to six weeks… something didn’t match up with our communication [with code enforcement],” he claimed.

He added, the reason some of the rooms were in such bad shape is because some of the tenants have been living there for years not allowing management access. But those who inspected the rooms claim otherwise.

“That’s one of the rooms. As you can see here, the mold on the show,” Officer Silva said as we looked at pictures one tenant shared with us. “Obviously he knows that this process was going on for quite some time. He could have let his tenants know that this was coming but he chose not to.”

Brar has hired a contractor, but it may take weeks, even months before anyone can move back in.

“Just disappointed in the whole situation and how it all unfolded,” Ronald said.

The owner of the the Stockton City Motel says he’s been serving low-income residents for years and he hopes once the motel reopens they’ll come back. Authorities claim a lot of criminal activity happened at the motel.

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