District Attorney: No Charges Filed in Stephon Clark Shooting

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SACRAMENTO — District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced Saturday that the officers who killed Stephon Clark will not face criminal charges.

For nearly 80 minutes, Schubert discussed the moments immediately before, during and after Clark’s death.

The District Attorney’s Office released its findings on its website. Click HERE to view the report.

Schubert said her office’s job was to find whether a crime had been committed by the two officers.

“The answer to that question is no and as a result we will not charge these officers with any criminal liability related to the shooting death and the use of force against Stephon Clark,” she said.

Investigators say forensic evidence linked Clark to three broken car windows, but he did not take anything. Police officers were in Clark’s neighborhood investigating the broken windows.

Officers Terrence Mercadal and Jared Robinet went to several backyards in the area looking for the suspect, who Schubert said later said turned out to be Clark.

Video from a Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department helicopter shows Clark hopping a fence into what would later be revealed to be his grandmother’s backyard, where Clark was ultimately killed.

Schubert says both officers told investigators that they saw Clark take an “aggressive stance” and a bright light flash, which they believed was a muzzle flash from a gun. Clark was advancing toward officers when he was shot, Schubert said.

“The total amount was about 30 feet in distance initially, and he advanced 15 feet,” Schubert said.

Clark was in fact unarmed, holding only a cellphone.

A toxicology report revealed that at the time of his death, Clark has a mixture of drugs and alcohol in his system. Schubert said this, along with evidence found on his phone, is indicative of his fragile emotional state.

Two days before the shooting, there was a reported domestic incident between Clark and his girlfriend, who is the mother of his two children. Schubert says when Clark’s girlfriend told him she would report him to the police, he began to research ways to commit suicide.

“He searches over two dozen websites about how one can commit suicide and the focus is how one can do it by ingestion,” Schubert said.

Schubert did not say if she felt Clark was seeking death by officer.

Activists and Clark’s own family criticized Schubert for including that information in her report, saying his character was assassinated nearly a year after his death.

Investigators did not look at the officers’ phones as they did Clark’s, Schubert said.

Clark’s death nearly a year ago led to weeks of protests in Sacramento.

Click HERE for a timeline of the events that occurred following Stephon Clark’s death. 

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