District Attorney Warns Violent Sexual Predator May Move into Del Paso Heights Neighborhood

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DEL PASO HEIGHTS — A convicted violent sex offender may soon call Del Paso Heights his new home but neighbors, along with city officials, fervently oppose the move.

Many said they plan on attending an Aug. 26 public hearing in front of a Santa Clara judge, who will consider placing Dariel Shazier in a residential Del Paso Heights neighborhood.

He has no ties to Sacramento County.

“Why would he not stay in the environment in which he grew up and which he committed the crimes, where those he’s connected to can help guide him to healing?” said Dr. Gina Warren.

Dr. Warren’s Neighborhood Wellness Foundation mentors the youth in the community by instilling ways to live healthier lives.

“We’re in a community with children who are extremely vulnerable,” Warren told FOX40. “A lot of them from single-parent households without fathers. It is a prime opportunity for him to prey on our children and we’re not going to allow that to happen.”

The proposed placement would be located in a neighborhood where several families live. There are a lot of churches in the area, a daycare center and a senior residence and it is less than a mile from Grant High School.

In a letter of opposition by Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones, he says:

The proposed location is well-traveled by children walking and riding their bikes to and from these locations. Due to the nature of the criminal acts committed by Mr. Shazier and his legal status as a sexually violent predator, a serious and well-founded risk of re-offending persists.

Shazier served 17 years in prison for drugging and raping multiple teenage boys.

“I have grandsons and granddaughters and my biggest fear of them walking home, even from school right now, is their safety,” said Sherri Kirk-Quinn with the Neighborhood Wellness Foundation. “And it would be devastating for me to know that something might happen to them.”

Councilman Allen Warren oversees District 2, where Shazier would be placed. He said his district already faces many challenges.

“Our community is a sensitive community. It’s already a somewhat vulnerable community,” the councilman said. “The challenges that affect communities like Del Paso Heights that are kind of on the upswing and starting to really get their footing and when you have stuff like this happen, it’s kind of a punch in the gut.”

If approved, Shazier will live in Del Paso Heights and would be under 24-hour surveillance for one year. At the year’s end, he would be eligible for full release from supervision to live unmonitored in the community.


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