(KTXL) — Northern California district attorneys are working to remove the threat of illegally manufactured guns.

“California is actually leading the nation in pulling these ghost guns off the street. They’re everywhere,” Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig told FOX40.

This week in Sacramento officers arrested 38-year-old Nicolas Gray after locating items related to “ghost gun” manufacturing at his Carella Drive home and a related storage unit in Woodland. 

Law enforcement officers served a search warrant and found firearms, evidence of manufacturing firearms along with ammunition. 

“Ghost guns, or what we like to call privately-manufactured firearms. There were many and they’re dangerous and scary weapons,” Reisig explained.

Neighbors like Ronald Vega, who lives near where the police bust took place on Thursday, said the ghost guns make him concerned.

“If you want to buy a gun, go and buy one legally, you know? Wait the waiting period and get it legal. Instead of buying something, obviously, with a ghost gun, you have intensions on killing someone, then throwing the gun away,” Vega said.

Reisig agreed that Vega’s scenario is what ghost guns are used for.

“They’re untraceable. They’re untrackable. There’s no way for law enforcement or anybody to know who has them and where they’re being used. And that’s what’s most dangerous about them. And they’re showing up in violent gang crimes all along across the region. And also, unfortunately, in some really tragic domestic violence cases,” Reisig said.  

“The number of Illegal guns, including ghost guns, on the streets of our communities is alarming. We must aggressively investigate, prosecute and hold accountable felons and others who are illegally making these guns and flooding our streets with these dangerous weapons,” said Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert.

Gray faces charges of manufacturing an assault weapon and being a felon in possession of a firearm.