SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento City Unified School District said the investigation into the racist attacks against Dr. Elysse Versher at West Campus High School in November has been completed. 

The completion of the investigation comes about a week after Versher resigned from her position as vice principal in a public letter. 

According to Sacramento City Unified, an independent investigator was tasked with determining if the racist graffiti and social media posts were directed at Versher and whether school officials responded appropriately.

The investigator reportedly found the graffiti and the social media posts were directed at Versher and that the school took “appropriate preliminary steps upon learning of the November 2021 racial slur incidents.”

The person responsible for the harassment has not been identified.

FOX40 spoke to Versher earlier this week, and she said the school district had failed her and that she had been the victim of racial slurs, slashed tires and countless attacks on her character prior to November.

“I was attacked. My family was attacked. We were harassed; our lives turned upside down. And this should have been and could have been prevented had the district in 2019 taken my concerns seriously,” Versher said.

She said a parent slashed her tires just weeks on the job and nothing was done about it.

“I followed the proper channel, the proper command every step of the way,” she explained.

Versher said she hadn’t gotten a response from the principal for weeks. When she contacted HR, they told her to get in contact with the principal. At that point, she went to Superintendent Jorge Aguilar, who she claims also did nothing.

Sacramento City Unified said their investigation is separate from the police’s criminal investigation.