September 24 2021 03:30 pm

District Investigating Apparent Fight Club at Nevada Union HS After Videos Surface on Social Media

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If the first rule of fight club is not talking about fight club, posting about it on social media has to be near the top of that list as well.

At least three videos have surfaced on social media, which caught the attention of a concerned parent. The parent then sent those videos to the Nevada Union High School Superintendent. Officials, however, were happy the posts at least brought the issue to their attention, so they could put a stop to it.

“It was surprising and it was concerning,” said Principal Dan Frisella.

According to a student who has seen the fight videos, they show members of the school’s baseball team along with others, duking it out in a locker room, in what appeared to be an organized fighting ring.

James Herlitz, a senior at the high school, says some of the students in the videos are friends, he says their actions may have been misguided, but it was “just some guys having fun,” and not intentionally trying to hurt anyone.

“No one was like, ‘Oh, I’m trying to beat this kid up,'” he told FOX40. “It was more just like, ‘I think I can take you, I think I can take you, too. Alright let’s go for it.'”

A number of parents who didn’t want to go on record agreed that the reaction from the school community may have been too harsh. However, generally, parent reactions were more mixed.

Frisella spoke with the team today, and now the school is trying to figure out who knew about it, and when. District superintendent Louise Johnson said that suspensions will not be ruled out following the results of an investigation.

“We need to do a little bit more work with the education of our students about the seriousness of potential head injury,” said Johnson, who says this incident is as much about student safety as anything else.

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