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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento City Unified School District said they found the person responsible for writing racist graffiti at a local high school. 

On Feb. 11, racist graffiti was found scribbled on the walls above a water fountain station at C.K. McClatchy High School. A picture shared with FOX40 showed the word “colored” above one fountain and “white” over the neighboring fountain. 

SCUSD said they, along with police, found a student was the person responsible for the graffiti. 

Superintendent Jorge Aguilar called the act “racist,” “hateful” and “offensive” in a statement.

“I am both angry and heartsick that racist graffiti was discovered on the C. K. McClatchy campus today. We take this incident very seriously. Racism and racist language will not be tolerated in our schools,” Aguilar said.

In a separate incident, racist graffiti was found tagged on the wall of a building at Abraham Lincoln Elementary just a few days later. 

“What this speaks to are the broader cultural issues. It’s going to have reverberations that go beyond just the incident and it contributes to a culture in a school, in terms of how students are feeling about their peers, about the people who work there and about going to the place itself,” explained Public Health Advocates’ Dr. Flojaune Cofer.

The district put out statements about the incident: “the graffiti was painted over and support is being provided for those who were traumatized,” and, “the district is working with the police to fully investigate and take the next steps.” 

Visitors to the SCUSD website will see there are multiple posts responding to recent racist acts under the press release page.

SCUSD is in the process of firing a teacher from Kit Carson International Academy after a video leaked of them using a racial slur in class.