Dixon City Council Reinstates Fired Police Chief Jon Cox

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Jon Cox got his job back as Chief of Police on Thursday evening. He was also put on paid administrative leave until he officially retires in January.

That was the compromise the City Council and Cox came to after a nearly five hour special session. Getting to that point though was hardly easy.

The session began with explosive charges of lying under oath and fraud by the City Council as their reasons for justifiably terminating Cox back on October 20 as Police Chief.

The city offered up as evidence a video of Cox moving heavy furniture, despite being having filed a workers compensation claim. Cox was given medical restrictions and his job duties were modified because of the claim.

The Council contended that Cox lied under oath during his deposition and committed both workers comp and insurance fraud.

“His actions and conduct jeopardized all future investigations, arrests, prosecutions and convictions that rely on his sworn testimony,” said City Attorney Douglas White during the public session. “And not taking action against Mr. Cox would potentially subject the city and it’s general fund to significant liability.”

Cox, who asked for the special session, denied most of what was said about him.

“I did not ever lie. I am not a liar, nor did I try to conceal things,” Cox told the Council.
His support team included his attorney and his doctor, and Cox was humble at times too. Apologizing for “about 5 or 6 things that I moved.”

Cox also turned up the heat on City Manager Jim Lindley. Telling the Council about a ‘deal’ he was given to resign peacefully and it would all go away.

Instead, Cox was terminated and eventually ended back in front of the Council a month after he was fired.

The hundred or so who showed up to support him had mixed feelings about the outcome, but in the end it’s what made the most sense.


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