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PLACERVILLE — On Friday, deputies arrested a Pleasant Valley woman’s husband, charging him with her murder, as well as breaking her collarbone the night before she disappeared.

After being reported missing for months, El Dorado County Sheriff deputies said Saturday they found the remains of Heather Gumina Waters.

“She was a very bright, fun-loving person. Very positive,” said Jennette Waldow, who owns Apple Bistro.

Waldow told FOX40 Gumina Waters was one of her favorite waitresses.

“She was an absolutely amazing best server that I’ve ever seen, hands down,” Waldow said.

Working at the restaurant almost a year, Waldow said Gumina Waters was a favorite among both her employees and her customers.

“She could turn people’s frowns upside down,” she said. “She had a way with people.”

After Gumina Waters went missing for months, deputies arrested her husband, Anthony Gumina.

“A bunch of us were really heartbroken about it,” Waldow said.

Having just married in February, court documents show Gumina had a history of violence toward his wife and others.

In January, Gumina was charged with headbutting Heather and tackling her while she held her 4-year-old son, according to an El Dorado County probation violation report. The document goes on to say Gumina kicked in doors and forcibly removed phones from Heather in order to prevent her from dialing 911.

Another case from February 2017 claims Gumina and his father went to the home of a former business partner and threatened to kill him and burn down his house. Those court documents state Gumina and his father kicked in the front door, pushing the victim to the ground and driving away in the victim’s backhoe.

At the time of their arrest, both men tested positive for opioids and methamphetamines, according to the documents.

Gumina is also currently on felony probation in the state of Oklahoma for possession of a firearm. That probation expires in October 2021.

The most recent case filed on Sept. 6 accuses Gumina of breaking his wife’s collarbone the night before she went missing.

Waldow said she spoke with Gumina Waters that very same night after she left the hospital.

“I called her and talked to her and she’s like, ‘I can still come to work.’ And I’m like, ‘You can’t come to work with a broken collarbone,’” she recalled.

Waldow said she is planning a benefit dinner at Apple Bistro soon, the money from which will go to Gumina Waters’ three children.

Meanwhile, she said she wishes she had seen the signs of abuse.

“When she came to work, she left her personal stuff at the door,” Waldow said. “And had some people known, they would have said something or did something.”

Gumina is expected to be arraigned either Tuesday or Wednesday.

His lawyer said Gumina was distraught when his wife disappeared and has always cooperated with the authorities.