Documents Reveal New Claims of Elder Abuse Against Sacramento County Deputies

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SACRAMENTO — Allegations of fraud and elderly abuse are revealed in a petition for conservatorship filed by an attorney representing the family of Rosalie, a 75-year-old woman at the center of an investigation involving Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Stephanie Angel and another deputy.

In court documents obtained by FOX40, Rosalie’s family claims she “suffers from dementia and lacks the capacity to resist fraud or provide informed consent.”

The attorney’s examples were laid out in a timeline.

In mid-January, Rosalie is said to have met Deputy Angel and the male deputy for the first time, shortly after she was taken out of her house and moved into Angel’s home.

Over the next few weeks, the attorney claims Rosalie’s home was listed for sale. Several withdrawals were made from her bank accounts and one of the deputies even opened a joint bank account with the elderly woman.

On Jan. 29, the family’s attorney says two deputies went to the bank with Rosalie and had the bank drill out the locks of her safe deposit box. Later that day, according to documents, the deputies applied for a passport for Rosalie on a website called

The attorney claims that on Jan. 30, the deputies brought Rosalie to a legal office in Roseville, where they were granted power of attorney and named agents on her living will.

Feb. 1, the documents say, the deputies put Rosalie on a one-way flight to the Philippines.

It wasn’t until Feb. 14 that law enforcement officers found Rosalie in the Philippines. The attorney claims Rosalie didn’t remember why she was there and wanted to go home.

Officers brought her back home and took her to a local hospital.

Now, a month later, both deputies are on administrative leave — both the subject of a criminal investigation.

Deputy Angel offered to do an interview with FOX40 earlier this week to explain her side of the story, but changed her mind moments later.

Angel and her attorney, Richard Chan, told FOX40 that if the station aired the exclusive story on Tuesday, revealing all the details about the allegations against her, they would not do an interview.

Speaking to FOX40 on Tuesday, Angel said she recently reported sexual harassment within the sheriff’s department and feels the investigation is retaliation.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department says it has no record of her claims.

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