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FOLSOM — A dog  that went missing in Quartzsite, Arizona, was found in Folsom, California, nearly a month later.

According to animal control officials, Sheva was involved in an automobile accident in early November near Quartzsite.

“At the time of the accident, she ran off into the desert and her owners spent some time looking for her and were unable to find her,” said Cindy Walden, an animal services officer with the city of Folsom.

Her owners were devastated.

“It really broke our heart when she had ran. We never even expected her to get back to us…” Sheva’s owner Kirra Parra said.

A Folsom resident went to visit his family in Quartzsite. They told him about a dog that had been hanging around. The man then brought the dog back to Folsom with him.

Sheva was then brought to animal control where she was scanned for a microchip.

“If she had not had a microchip, she would not be going home to her family today,” Walden said.

Sheva’s owners were shocked.

“I was astonished,” Parra said.

“They had to go back and listen to the message several times because they couldn’t believe she had actually been found and that she was safe,” Walden said.

Parra said when she got the call she expected Sheva to be in Arizona still and were amazed that she ended up all the way in Folsom.

Sheva boarded a plane and headed back to her family in Arizona after being gone for about a month.

Rachelle Riley contributed to this report.