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SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — The Fourth of July is a day when pets go missing, as the booming sounds and flashing colors of fireworks can be frightening to them. 

For those who have lost pets during the fireworks celebrations, the Bradshaw Animal Shelter said it’s waiving its redemption fees through July 15. According to the shelter, it’s open Tuesday through Sunday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. with no appointment necessary. 

The Bradshaw Animal Shelter is located at 3839 Bradshaw Road in Sacramento. 

The Front Street Animal Shelter said to text STRAY to 833-511-0426 if your pet goes missing. The shelter on Front Street said it’ll send you proven tips to find your pet after texting that number. 

The Front Street Animal Shelter is located at 2127 Front Street in Sacramento. 

People with lost pets can also reclaim their lost pets at the Sacramento Society Prevention of Cruelty of Animals’ animal support and intake department. 

The non-profit’s intake and reclaim hours are 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. from July 5 to July 10. The Sacramento SPCA’s animal support and intake department are located at 6201 Florin Perkins Road. 

What to do if you found a lost pet during the Fourth of July? 

If you found a stray animal and aren’t sure what to do, the Sacramento SPCA recommends tips to help a lost animal, whether they’re sick or healthy. 

When you find a lost cat that is healthy, the non-profit recommended to leave it alone, as it most likely has an owner and is just walking around the neighborhood. If you find a cat or dog that is sick, the Sacramento SPCA recommends taking the animal to a local vet or animal shelter for immediate medical care. 

If you spot a healthy dog, the non-profit recommends these tips to return the pet to its owner: 

  • Check for identification/collar: If the dog has a collar with an ID or phone number, please contact the owner.
  • Check for microchip: Take the dog to a local vet or pet store to scan for a chip.
  • Yard signs: Make a big sign for your front yard with details such as found dog, size, type (if known) color, or sex
  • Neighborhood signs: Post these flyers on telephone poles or other neighborhood boards.
  • Social media: Post pictures of animals with a found notice.

The Sacramento SPCA also recommends posting on Craigslist, Nextdoor and or any other city or neighborhood special social media group available. The non-profit said the website is another resource to use. 

When visiting the website, the non-profit recommends choosing the free option and uploading the photo and info online. The Sacramento SPCA said that information is immediately faxed to Animal Shelters, vet offices, and rescue groups.