Dogs Sick After Grain-Free Food is Mixed with Another Batch

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ROSEVILLE — Chewing comes naturally for two Roseville bulldogs. Beeper likes to chew on toys. His sister Bitsy likes to chew on anything that’s in her bowl.

But things got a little dicey with what was dished up this week. Brad Cruzan poured out something he hadn’t seen before.

“I could expect one or two pieces falling in during manufacturing, but it was such a large amount,” he said.

Cruzan goes to great pains to keep his pups in perfect health with Zyrtec, anti-itch spray and antibiotics. Much of that is meant to deal with Bitsy and Beeper’s allergies.

One they share is to grains which is why he’s been spending upwards of $10 a bag to buy Nutrisca at Safeway. The line promises to be just what a grain-free Fido would need, but the latest bag of the ‘salmon and chickpea’ variety served up nothing but problems.

“All the kibble was mixed – intertwined with another kibble of some kind,” said Cruzan. “So the food was contaminated. You can’t trust what the ingredients are when you see something else in the food.”

Cruzan’s dogs immediately started showing signs of being exposed to grains.

For Bitsy, that means that painful foot cysts get worse.

“When they go through an allergic reaction to food, it exacerbates the issues and creates these sores in-between her toes that become quite painful to walk on,” said Cruzan.

And both of his babies have had, well, tummy troubles.

After emailing Dogswell, which makes Nutrisca, Cruzan got a response in about 96 hours — not the 24 hours promised on the site.

Customer Relations Coordinator Tara Celeste confirmed his suspicions, writing “… it appears another dry kibble product comingled with the Nutrisca product – possibly in the packaging area. It’s disconcerting.”

And now Cruzan has this message for other pet parents.

“Be careful. You know we’ve heard a lot of issue with food over the years and you don’t want your pet to go thorough something bad or pass away. So do your research.”

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