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Tonight family members mourn the loss of a young  couple after they were killed in a fiery car crash late Friday night, near the intersection of Rogers and Bradshaw in South Sacramento.

Sai Vang, 31, and 26 year old Molly Xiong just celebrated their first wedding anniversary, and were beginning their life together, according to family members who spoke to Fox 40 news off camera.

While driving home from a family function, they were hit in their 1992 pickup truck by a Dodge Challenger driving close to 100 miles an hour, according to California Highway Patrol officers.

The truck travelled 225 feet, according to police, before bursting into flames. Both Vang and Xiong were ejected from the truck, and were severely burned. The two died before police arrived, and were unrecognizable due to their injuries.

“They were just right next to the truck just lifeless,” said John Yang, a witness who lives near the crash site.

Yang says he’s still shaken up at what he saw. Flames that rose from the truck were visible from his window. He and his family ran outside to help, only to stop at the deadly accident scene.

“I told my whole family to run, run towards this way, just burst up in flames blew up,” Yang said.

CHP officers say an 18 year old drove the Challenger, with his 15 year old brother in the passenger’s seat when it struck Vang’s truck.

The teens are recovering in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Officers called the scene gruesome, which is exactly how Yang remembers it, although he says it’s something he wishes he could forget.

“I don’t know what was going through my mind at the moment, still shaken up,” Yang said.

Video on scene provided by @NorCal_Skywarn