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SACRAMENTO — The landscape of downtown Sacramento is changing. However, while businesses on some streets seem to thrive, others are closing up.

The Golden One Center was supposed to breathe new life into the downtown area. It has on some streets but not every business is doing well.

Steven Curtis gave FOX40 a tour of the new, Ruthstaller Brewery, location on K Street; less than a block from the Golden One Center.

“Take a look right down here and we have our living room area,” said Curtis on the tour. “And uh the ability to convert this to a stage for some live music.”

Ruthstaller had a soft opening a few weeks ago but Curtis says they’re open 7 days a week, and the grand opening should come just in time for the Kings season.

“It’s going to be $2 more per beer for anyone wearing Lakers gear so be warned,” said Curtis.

Along with Malt and Mash and El Rey, Ruthstaller is about to get a lot of company on this block.

“Our direct neighbors is going to be Medici which is Neapolitan pizza, and then next to them Solomon’s Deli and then we got a ramen joint coming in too,” Curtis said.

However not too far away, the Pier Lounge, bar and grill on J Street has already closed.

And last November, a few doors down so did Pregame Burgers and Beer.

Both establishments just as far away from the Golden One Center.

“It might take a little bit of sorting out to figure exactly what businesses work here how to mix the commercial and residential aspects here,” said Ariel Gardiner

People we talked to like all the development, but feel more housing is needed in the area. And residents could help sustain the businesses when there are no events at the Golden One Center.

“You still don’t see a lot of people that are living here. It’s still very commercial focused,” Gardiner said.

But according to Curtis that’s already happening in the few weeks Ruthstaller has been open.

“Up top we’ve got some housing units that are coming in. We’ve already got some residents that are our new regulars down in the basement,” Curtis said.