Downtown Sacramento ramen house adapts to pandemic, changing weather

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Like with most businesses, the pandemic has not been easy on Shoki Ramen House on R Street in Sacramento.

“It’s been a little struggle but we have managed to make it happen,” said Saho Ueyama, whose parents own the restaurant.

Ueyama told FOX40 Monday that they’ve had to change everything from how they prepare the food to where they can allow customers to sit and eat.

“We make sure everything is closed off and everything is sanitized after we take the order,” Ueyama explained. “They’re more than welcome to have a seat. We have two patios or they’re more than welcome to take it home as well.”

The interior of Shoki is too small to let anybody inside.

As the temperatures drop, keeping the patios warm has been a challenge. They have heaters and a fire pit, but they need more and there’s a lot of competition to get them.

“The heaters is like a high demand. So, we have it ordered, it just hasn’t been shipped just yet,” Ueyama said.

Shoki also had to set up tables and chairs in their parking lot, meaning their customers have to fight for the remaining spaces on the other side or search for street parking.

“We do have to ask the customers to park in front of the restaurant instead, so that has impacted it a little bit,” Ueyama said.

The ramen house was able to get tents during the summer. With rain in the forecast, they’re hoping customers will stay dry.

“I am a little worried about the rain but we have made sure that the tent does work OK so the customers don’t get wet as they’re eating their ramen here,” Ueyama said.

With temperatures dropping, the ramen house said they’ve actually increased business because they serve hot ramen, which people like on a cold day. But other restaurants may struggle to get people to eat at their businesses while it’s so cold out.

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