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Dozens gathered at 5th Street and I Street in Sacramento Saturday morning to protest a danger that some said residents aren’t even aware of. Trains carrying flammable and toxic crude oil and tar sands oil travel through Sacramento, and protesters are concerned about if those trains explode or derail.

A 2013 train derailment in Lac Megnatic, Quebec killed 47 people and contaminated the town according to organization 350 Sacramento. Laurie Litman with the group said they’re trying to raise awareness so Sacramento does not see a similar situation.

People walked one mile from the train station to the Capitol, “That’s within the blast zone of one of these trains. These trains can explode with a huge fireball and a mile has to be evacuate,” said Litman.

In that blast zone includes 17 schools and about 13,000 students according to Litman. The protest took place as part of Stop Oil Trains week and Litman along with others are hoping their efforts will educate others on the dangers of these trains.