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MODESTO, Calif. (KTXL) — On Easter Sunday, someone vandalized dozens of gravesites in the Modesto area.

Around 30 headstones along neighboring cemeteries along Scene Drive near down Modesto were vandalized.

Staff counted five headstones at the St. Stanislaus Catholic Cemetery and 27 at the Modesto Citizens will have to be repaired.

“It’s just so disrespectful. Every time we come here, it’s just so hard… it’s terrible. I don’t know why anyone would every think that they have the right to be so vile,” said Cyndi Jordan, a woman affected by the damage.

Lynne Wagner, Volunteer Manager of Modesto Citizens Cemetery and board member said that the cemetery will have to rely on volunteer staff to help repair all the damage, which is costly.

“Each headstone will cost $100 to fix and get back in place. Insurance money will help, but it accompanies a hefty deductible,” she said.

The vandalized headstones caused heartache and concern for many family members of loved ones buried there.

“I cried. It was disbelief at first then it was anger… Some of these people were married a long time and I’m sure their families would be safe and the gravestone would designate where they would be buried… shameful,” said Wagner.

So far the police have no leads as surveillance was unable to help identify the culprit.

Lori Beard recently buried her husband of 55 years, the family has yet to choose a headstone.

“He was a wonderful person, Calvin Beard. If we had just put his on and somebody vandalized that, it’d be a wrench to the heart.”