Dozens of Homeless Living in Fairfield Encampment Told They’ll Have to Leave

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FAIRFIELD — A large homeless encampment in Fairfield is set to be cleared Wednesday.

The area along Cordelia Road near Highway 12 has been home to dozens of homeless people for the past several weeks.

Fairfield City Councilwoman Catherine Moy said the city and county have been working closely to provide the homeless community with resources to get out.

Tuesday morning, two police officers and a master social worker met with some of the homeless in hopes of having them move.

“What help are they offering? What door did they open? All the same ones that they shut in my face every time I’ve ever tried?” said one homeless woman.

Councilwoman Moy said the county has enough beds between two homeless shelters to provide for them. Still, there are some who won’t qualify to be housed in a shelter or simply don’t want to go.

“I just brought some water out for some friends and a couple of shirts and stuff,” said a woman named Susie.

Susie provided some necessities to the homeless from her local church. She said officials can provide basic things to the homeless, who are still at the encampment.

“Two port-a-potties and then everybody can live like a human,” she told FOX40. “You can look for a job because you won’t have to worry about your stuff being swooped up, taken or anything else. Everybody’s happy.”

Susie said being on the outskirts of town, the homeless aren’t hurting anyone. Moy said the homeless chased cattle away that were living on the private property.

Officials also worried about everyone’s safety, especially in the dry, hot weather where wildland fires have burned in recent weeks.

The city is working on solutions. They’ll be building a 100-unit housing for the homeless. Either the city or a nonprofit will step in to lease a motel on the outskirts of town, which would house more homeless.

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