Dozens of volunteer medics in Sacramento help those injured while protesting

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SACRAMENTO, Calif (KTXL) — With protests for racial justice still going strong across the Sacramento region, some community members are getting strategic to keep people safe.

Sunday’s protest at Cesar Chavez park was very peaceful with people chanting and praying for the lives lost.

A team of volunteer medics made sure they were ready and available just in case anyone needed their help.

With an armored vest and bandages at the ready volunteer medic Earris Norman has the gear and the know-how to help injured protesters. 

“I received my combat field medicine training,” Norman told FOX40.

Norman is part of a ragtag team of roughly 30 volunteers with varying forms of medical experience.

“Anywhere from people who work in the NICU to RN’s in the trauma room,” explained Norman.

The group is stepping in during Sacramento’s protests to provide emergency care.

“We all have a visceral, literally a visceral need to help,” said Norman

“We are not taking sides,” said volunteer medic Larry Klink. “We are here to provide unbiased care.”

Klink told FOX40 the skills they provide are in high demand at these rallies.

“Honestly a lot of heat exhaustion. People are out here fighting, trying to get their voices heard,” said Klink. “It’s hot out here and there’s not a lot of water.”

In the evenings the group has seen the protests turn dangerous, treating several serious injuries from rubber bullets and tear gas.

“I never though in a million years that I’d have to wear AR-500 steel in my hometown and treat heavy trauma on the street. But that’s just the reality of the situation that we’re in,” said Norman.

A call the volunteers said they are more than willing to answer even if it means putting themselves at risk for their neighbors.

“We don’t know what’s coming anymore but we do know is we just want to be here and help whoever needs it,” explained Klink.

The group is fundraising for supplies. If you would like to help, tap or click here.

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