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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Dr. Elysse Versher filed a lawsuit against the Sacramento City Unified School District and West Campus High School Principal John McMeekin days after she submitted her letter of resignation as vice principal.

The lawsuit also includes 10 other people, who are named as Does 1-10.

According to the lawsuit, Versher is suing in part for discrimination on the basis of race, retaliation, failure to prevent discrimination and harassment, and harassment on the basis of race.

In late May, Versher said she was resigning as vice principal of West Campus in part because of racial and sexual harassment and the Sacramento City Unified’s lack of action, according to her resignation letter, which was shared with FOX40

Versher’s letter says that before the racist harassment against her in November of 2021, she had been told by a parent in September 2019 that she only got her job because of affirmative action.

The complaint alleges that in that same month the West Campus registrar told Versher she was the “B***s**t Unlimited supervisor, in reference to the Black Student Union.”

According to the complaint, Versher went to McMeekin and Dr. Tiffany Smith-Simmons, SCUSD’s director of Human Resources, about the comment. Versher was then referred to the human resources member assigned to West Campus.

The lawsuit claims no updates were given on the situation and nothing was done in response to the comment.

In May 2020, Versher said she refused a parent’s request to falsify medical records to create a 504 plan for a student. The parent allegedly wanted the 504 plan so their child could get extended time to take an SAT exam.

The lawsuit claims McMeekin illegally created a 504 plan for the parent.

According to the claim, the same parent a year later made derogatory remarks to Versher when she said she could not change the student’s grade.

The parent allegedly threw Versher’s books across her desk and called her a “worthless b***h” who needs a “muzzle.’” The claim says the parent, instead of facing any consequences, was invited by McMeekin to create a “revised 504 plan.”

“McMeekin again failed to take any threat against (Versher) seriously and continued to demonstrate utter disregard for her safety and wellbeing,” the claim says.

The racist harassment in November 2021 began when Versher followed McMeekin’s order to enforce the dress code against a student, the claim says.

After sending the student to the office, the student allegedly began recording and arguing with staff. Versher arrived to help and asked the student to stop recording, but she was instead recorded as well.

According to the claim, the video was uploaded to social media and hashtags were created calling (Versher) “sexist, black hitler and black n***** b***.”

Versher allegedly showed McMeekin the online comments, and according to the claim, McMeekin said students were allowed to call her those names because it was “freedom of speech.”

The claim says McMeekin was aware students were making those posts during class, which is not allowed, but refused to do anything.

Versher is also suing for sexual harassment, hostile work environment, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Versher said that as a result of the continued harassment she had multiple stress-induced seizures.

The lawsuit requests that the claims be heard by a jury.