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YUBA CITY — Authorities arrested a man around 6:40 a.m. Tuesday after an altercation on Highway 20 just east of Peoria Road.

CHP says two trucks from the trucking company Johal and Sons Inc were driving eastbound when a driver in a Honda Accord attempted to pass both trucks.

The Honda, driven by Ramon Lopez, was unsuccessful at passing the trucks and ended up side swiping the front of the first truck.

The truck driver, Jose Pedilla-Maciel, was unaware the two vehicles had made contact.

Lopez then drove ahead to wave down the two trucks.

When all of the drivers pulled over, the second truck driver Robert Morgan got out of his truck with a hammer and hit Lopez in the head.

Morgan told FOX40 he swung at Lopez because he shoved him to the ground and then attempted to run at him a second time.

Lopez was transported to the hospital with major injuries.

Morgan was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.