SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Officials have identified the woman who was found dead in a crashed car along Interstate 80 on Tuesday. 

The coroner’s office identified the woman as 20-year-old Damaris Gonzalez. According to Woodland police, Gonzalez was reported missing Monday morning. 

California Highway Patrol Sgt. Jeff Carlisle said around 5:18 a.m., a caller reported seeing a vehicle in a ditch just off the onramp to westbound I-80 from West El Camino Avenue.

Emergency responders found the car down the embankment, under thick brush and trees.

One person was found dead inside the car, Sgt. Carlisle said.

For a time, the CHP closed down the onramp to pull the car from the embankment and tow it away.

CHP investigators said on Tuesday they were looking into just how long the car was down the embankment and how it got there. 

Carlisle said investigators believe the driver did not crash from the onramp but instead, was driving “freeway speeds” on westbound I-80 when the car went across the interstate and crashed into the ditch at a high speed.

Investigators are also looking into whether the fatal crash occurred well before Tuesday morning’s call came in, but Carlisle said they do not have an estimate for how long the crashed car may have been there.