Drivers Warned to Avoid Travel Through the Sierra Until Sunday Morning

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BLUE CANYON — The snow keeps falling in the Sierra, blanketing roads and leaving icy driving conditions.

The good news is that visibility has improved considerably since this afternoon. So much so that crews decided to reopen Interstate 80 to passenger vehicles.

“It’s been a hectic few days to say the least,” said Dylan Goldberg.

As people are digging out in the Sierra, continued winter weather has created harsh travel conditions.

“High winds and it is blowing snow across the roadways. It’s making it extremely dangerous for driving,” Caltrans spokesperson, Deana Stoopman said.

So dangerous that Caltrans decided to close the interstate for most of the day as visibility dropped to near zero.

“It can change at any minute up here. Yesterday we were pumping out a store flooded from the rain and by night it was a horrible blizzard,” Goldberg said.

Goldberg works at a Shell gas station in Kingvale and says business has been unusually slow with fewer drivers on the road.

“This is the emptiest it’s been. We’ve just had one person come by since the road’s opened,” Goldberg said.

There’s already a lot of snow on the ground from previous storms and now even more in on the way.

Those who did brave the conditions ran into some roadway hazards.

“I was driving and there was a bunch of ice and I tried to pluck it off and I just ripped my wiper blade off,” said Mike Lewis.

But the snow didn’t stop Sandra McCormick from heading west, to get to San Francisco International Airport.

“It’s beautiful. An old-fashioned storm,” she said.

In search of warmer weather, McCormick and her family are heading to Hawaii.

And as she makes her way to her destination, she has an important message to other travelers:

“Take it slow. Be careful. Don’t follow too closely to other people. Be respectful of everybody and try to get somewhere safely.”

The snow isn’t done just yet and travel through the Sierra is strongly discouraged through Sunday morning.


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