Drivers worry about work-week traffic along Highway 99 detours

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Drivers say they are not bothered by the Highway 99 detours, but they are worried about traffic will be like come Monday and Tuesday.

“Everyone is doing the same work-around it looks like,” said Jeff, who did not give his last name. 

Jeff was out an about in downtown Sacramento. He adds there was not much of a problem getting around the extra cars on his way into downtown. 

But he worries about what will happen when the weekend wraps up. 

“I’m not completely familiar with these roads yet,” said Tyler Stewart. 

Stewart is a social worker and often visits patient’s homes. 

“It may add a few hours to my commute,” Stewart said. 

He is hoping the detours are not going to be too busy come Monday. 

“We are just going to figure out one day at a time; I suppose,” Stewart said. 

But until then, drivers will hope Saturday’s commute is a glimpse of things to come. 

“So far, so good. But like you say, Monday may be a different story,” Jeff said. 

Highway 99 is scheduled to reopen Wednesday morning. 

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