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Gerald Towan was sitting in his Yuba City home when all of a sudden he heard an explosion. “The end blew out,” Towan said, an e-cigarette smoker.

Towan says he bought the e-cigarette because he wanted to kick his 50-year smoking habit.

Towan’s goal is to use e-cigarettes to kick the addiction altogether, but he ended up kicking into high gear to save his life.

“Boom and I said ‘fire fire’, I looked and there were flames coming off my carpet,” Towan said.

The aftermath of the blaze, Towan’s carpet is burned in three spots.

“I put it out with my bare hands,” he said. Towan had only owned the e-cigarette for a day.

Now he will have to go into his own pocket to pay for repairs. The packaging for the e-cigarette shows nowhere to call, and doesn’t even say where it was made. No trademark of any kind.

The owner of Cigarettes Cheaper in Yuba City says he did sell Towan the device. But he got it from this distributor based in Sacramento, Habib Imports Incorporated.

On their website they sell the exact model that apparently caught fire in Towan’s home: The Evod CE4 Starter Kit.

Habib did tell FOX40 he was aware of the problem, but did not want to go on camera. Instead, he issued the following statement:

“The e-cigarettes are imported. We buy them from a wholesaler in Los Angeles and distribute them.”

In this case, the distributor said they were made in China.

The Vapor Spot in Sacramento says it’s best to buy a device from a store that specializes in E-Cigarettes.

“People will try to use their phone chargers,” Angel Delao of The Vapor Spot said. “You want to make sure they are paired with the right manufacturer to know know it’s all going to work.”

The unit Towan bought only came with a USB cord. It is not advised to use a phone power adapter. Towan however, is just happy he survived.