E-scooter renters can now face $207 ticket for riding on Sacramento sidewalks

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento is cracking down on the poor parking and riding choices of those who rent ride-shareable electric bikes and scooters.

“We’ve seen these all over the place, you know. People leave them over by the side of bridges, all over the streets, all over the sidewalks, in the middle of the street,” said Sacramento Parking Enforcement Officer Conrad Uy.

Now, Uy and the city’s 51 other parking enforcement officers will be doing something about that. They will take pictures of the rider in the wrong, be it on a scooter or a bike, and issue citations electronically. Nothing will be posted on the rented ride.

Sacramento Parking Manager Matt Eierman said if there is not an available rack or corral, riders should make sure to avoid leaving the e-bikes or e-scooters on sidewalks.

From now on, the free-wheeling attitude some have taken with where they jump off of their JUMP or Lime shareable will not be free. The fine will be $27.50 if a bike or scooter is not left in a parkway, out of the right of way, or a bike rack or corral.

That fine will go to the owner and JUMP or Lime may pass that cost onto the renter.

While the parking department is starting its enforcement of this new ordinance with two weeks of warnings and no actual fines, that was not the case as of Tuesday for police spotting people illegally scooting on the sidewalk. That offense could earn you a $207 ticket.

“It comes down to the safety of everybody, right?” said Sacramento Police Officer Karl Chan. “The safety of the pedestrians, safety of vehicles and safety of the people that are using the shared rideables. We have to all kind of coexist to really make a safe environment and that’s the goal here.”

To date, the city has not tracked the complaints it has received about e-scooters or e-bikes. That’s data that will soon be collected.


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