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In May of 1975, the Vietnam War was over. Gerald Ford was president and the Sacramento City Council passed an ordinance that made public nudity in parks, waterways, playgrounds and beaches a misdemeanor.

Forty years later, city officials say there’s a loophole in the ordinance.

“As we get much more urban, there are more people, and sadly, transients. We are seeing (public nudity) occur more often,” said Randi Knott, the director of governmental affairs with the City of Sacramento.

Knott said 22 people have abused the loophole since 2002, adding that some violators were arrested and then let go.

“We want to make sure if we arrest people we can prosecute,” she said.

But Bob Morton with the Naturist Action Committee out of Texas said he’s most concerned with the privacy aspect of the proposed ordinance modification.

“The ordinance would also apply for nudity in your backyard. That’s too far,” he said.

The proposed modifications would include nudity on private property that can be seen by the public.

The law and legislation committee hearing will take place Tuesday afternoon. The modifications could go to the city council as soon as June.