EL DORADO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about thefts that are occurring during open house events. 

“With the housing market being very active within El Dorado County, the Sheriff’s Office has received numerous reports of thefts that have occurred during open house events,” the sheriff’s office said

They are still investigating the reports and said no suspects have been identified. Meanwhile, they have recommended some tips to keep in mind during an open house to avoid becoming a victim. 

  • Keep valuables somewhere safe and out of sight
  • Make sure to check safes and lockboxes are locked
  • Computers and other devices should be either turned off or password protected
  • Avoid family photos or things with personal information, such as names, in plain view
  • Sellers can also designate a room as not being for view by locking it, having a sign or communicating with their realtor
  • Keep the number of guests inside limited
  • Only allow the main entryway to be used to avoid someone leaving through the backdoor
  • Use security cameras

The sheriff’s office also recommends paying particular attention to people with large handbags. 

“In some incidents we have reason to believe that the suspects operate in a two-party system utilizing one party to distract the realtor or homeowner while the other remains in the residence placing items in their bag,” the sheriff’s office said. 

The seller or realtor should do a walkthrough at the end of an open house to check for things that might be missing, out of place or if something was left behind. 

People who think they may be victims is asked to contact the sheriff’s office at 530-621-6600.