(KTXL) — A crash that trapped two people inside a truck in El Dorado County prompted a response from several first responders.

The El Dorado County Fire Protection District said around 6:20 p.m. on Feb. 5 a truck crashed into a large oak tree on Bucks Bar Road near Pleasant Valley Road.

Firefighters brought six Jaws-of-Life tools to the scene during the almost two-hour rescue. The passenger was rescued fairly quickly after 20 minutes. 

However, the driver’s situation was more dire. According to the fire district, the brunt of the crash was taken by the driver’s door, causing the truck to wrap around the tree.

First responders ended up having to first move the truck away from the tree before being able to rescue her. She was taken to a hospital by helicopter. 

The crash left both the driver and passenger with severe injuries, the fire district said.

Rain and snow kept first responders in El Dorado County busy as there were numerous crashes due to the conditions, according to the fire district.

“Notoriously low temperatures in this part of the county, along with steep, winding roads, have historically made for some disastrous vehicle accidents,” the district said.

Drivers are asked to slow down and drive cautiously. 

The fire district did not say how the crash happened.