(KTXL) — The Department of Justice said a man pleaded guilty to having nearly 30 dogs that were meant for dog fighting. 

Carlos Villasenor, of Placerville, bred dogs and trained them as well to use in dog fighting, court documents say. The dogs would also be transported between California and Mexico, according to the DOJ. 

The dogs were reportedly mainly sold to buyers outside of California.

According to the DOJ, in September 2020, the sound of dogfighting and people cheering could be heard from his Placerville property. A warrant was served almost a year later in June.

The dogs were reportedly kept in conditions that were meant to “foster aggression,” and a lot of them had untreated veterinary conditions. The DOJ said officers found medical equipment often used in dogfighting at the property, such as antibiotics, skin staplers and other items. 

Villasenor faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. His sentencing will be on March 20, 2023.