(FOX40.COM) — After four years of sitting in the planning stages, the Pony Express Trail, the main roadway through Pollock Pines, has been approved to receive a series of pedestrian and bicyclist safety upgrades.

On Oct. 10, the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a $4.06 million project to add more rapid flash crosswalks, improve ADA access and construct a multi-use bike and pedestrian path.

The project, stretching from Sly Park Road to Sanders Road, was originally presented in August 2019 with an estimated cost of $1.77 million and a completion date of October 2022.

In May, this short stretch of the Pony Express Trail saw a serious accident when multiple children were struck by an appliance truck, leaving all the children with serious injuries.

El Dorado County Supervisor Brooke Laine, the delay in this project was not the desire of the transportation departments and that, “if we could have prevented that accident, we would have done everything within our power to do that. It was just awful timing.”

One of the new crosswalks will relocate the existing crosswalk where the children were hit to improve driver and pedestrian safety, according to Laine.

“The crosswalk right now is near the top of a hill, it is about three-quarters-of-the-way up the hill,” Laine said. “By moving this crosswalk further down to where there is a lot better line of sight for cars coming down the hill and it will have the same accommodation for cars coming up.”

The rapid flash crosswalk locations will be at, Forebay Road, Sanders Drive, Cox Street and near the 50 Grand Restaurant and Burger Barn. The project is planned to be completed by Spring 2024.