(FOX40.COM) — Jordan Piper, of Placerville, has changed his 2021 plea of not guilty for the murder of his 11-year-old son Roman Lopez to a guilty plea on Thursday, according to the El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office.

In January 2020, Lopez’s body was discovered in a storage bin in the basement of his father’s Placerville home hours after he was reported missing.

Jordan and Lindsay Piper, the father and stepmother of Lopez, were arrested in February 2021 in connection to Lopez’s death.

Initially, the couple entered not guilty pleas on the charges of abusing and torturing Lopez. Later in 2021 murder charges were added for both Jordan and Lindsay.

Lindsay then pleaded no contest to the murder charges in May 2022 and was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for second-degree murder.

In June of 2022, Jordan Piper was then found by investigators to have created and possessed child pornography of the multiple children who lived in the home.

The new complaint said that Piper was using a GoPro to record a girl at a Groverland, California home “using the bathroom and showering.”

According to the complaint, Piper had over 400 nude still images of the minor on his phone. The images were created from screenshots of the videos recorded. The complaint also notes that there were times when Piper and the girl were alone at the home.

The images and videos were seized when detectives were collecting items for their investigation into Lopez’s death.

Piper was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison on Oct. 23 for the sexual exploitation of a minor after which he would serve a seven-and-a-half-year supervised release.

Piper is set to appear in court on Nov. 21 where he will face sentencing for second-degree murder. He is facing a maximum sentence of 15 years to life in state prison.

Once his sentencing for the sexual exploitation of a minor is completed in federal prison he will be transferred to a state prison to serve his murder sentence.