SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (KTXL) — A bear cub was rescued in South Lake Tahoe before this week’s storm by the BEAR League, who were very familiar with this particular survivor.

The cub was rescued in South Lake Tahoe just before this week’s storm started to ramp up and was given his first meal in days.

The BEAR League and many others in the South Lake Tahoe area have been tracking this young cub as he was born in February and his mother died while he was still young.

The loss of his mother kept him from growing, deteriorated his immune system and he eventually lost much of his fur.

“He was a fighter and wanted to live so he started following another Mama Bear and her much larger and very healthy cub of the same age,” the Bear League wrote in a news release. “She allowed this and helped him learn how to catch fish at Taylor Creek… although he mostly only could catch the dead ones.”

As winter approached the mother bear started to lose tolerance for the additional cub and the cub began to go hungry again.

When he was found by people at a shop in South Lake Tahoe the cub had gone several days without food.

The people there named him Nixon, after the name of the shop, and called the BEAR League.

After being fed Nixon slept for 10 hours in his nest box, but the BEAR League was unable to move the cub to the California Department of Forestry and Wildlife’s veterinary laboratory due to the storm.

“Yesterday, (Thursday) after the storm had passed, we met one of the supervisors from the CA DFW halfway and loaded our little guy into their SUV for the trip to the Veterinarian,” the BEAR League wrote. “We are now waiting for a report.”