El Dorado Hills Man Recovering after Rattlesnake Bite

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EL DORADO HILLS — An El Dorado Hills man says he got quite the surprise over the weekend as he reached into his tool chest and was bitten by a rattlesnake.

Fred Kuntz is doing better after spending two nights in the hospital.

Tuesday, Fred and his wife, Bonnie, called Lou Fraser from Rattlesnake Removal USA to check their property after the encounter, which easily could have turned deadly.

Kuntz says he was bitten trying to close his toolbox, which he noticed was open.

“I could tell right away that it was a rattlesnake bite,” he told FOX40.

Kuntz was rushed to the hospital but is now recovering at home.

“The firemen were great,” Bonnie Kuntz said. “They would not leave. They took Fred to the hospital and they stayed with me until they found the snake.”

It didn’t take long for Fraser and his snake-sniffing dog, Peaches, to find another snake. Five snakes, in fact. Four of them were captured.

“So you can literally step right next to one and it won’t rattle as long as it thinks it’s invisible,” Fraser said.

Fraser says this time of year his business really picks up, receiving dozens of calls a day in the summer months as snakes look for cooler areas.

Meanwhile, Kuntz considers himself lucky.

“It could have been worse,” he said.

If you live in an area with rattlesnakes, Fraser suggests being mindful of nooks and crannies in your garage and around your property and make sure there are no holes for them to get inside.

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