Elderly couple followed after shopping trip, robbed in front of their Roseville home

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ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — The Roseville Police Department is warning shoppers to be on alert after an elderly couple was apparently followed home after a shopping trip and robbed. 

“A very uncommon crime to happen in Roseville but a very scary crime,” said Roseville Police Department spokesperson Rob Baquera. 

The victims live in the Sun City community, a seniors-only development centered around a golf course. 

As the victims arrived home, two men in their 20s driving a late model, small, white SUV got out.

Without displaying any weapons, they physically threatened the couple into turning over belongings, including shopping items. 

The victims were shaken in what police are calling a strong-armed robbery.

“These suspects, obviously, put fear into the hearts of these senior citizens as they stole property,” Baquera told FOX40.

The incident began in the Roseville Galleria shopping corridor a few miles away. Roseville police believe the couple was followed from a parking lot after a shopping trip.

Why they were targeted is not completely clear. 

“It makes me sick that they go after old people,” said Dave Drapeau, who lives in Sun City.

“There have been incidents where people have been carjacked in big, open parking lots,” said Sun City resident Sheree Drapeau. “But your home, it’s just traumatizing. Those folks will probably never feel safe again.”

Minor garage thefts aren’t unheard of in Sun City, but people said they generally feel safe. The robbery was a wake-up call for Lee, a resident who would only give his first name. 

“I don’t know why they picked out that one couple,” he said. “It could happen to anybody, especially elderly people that are easy to take advantage of, and there’s people happy to do it.”

Roseville police said they’ve seen a trend of these kinds of robberies in the Bay Area. 

“It’s unknown if the two are connected or this is a copycat style using this same method,” Baquera explained.

Roseville police tell residents if they suspect they are being followed by criminals, they should not stop at home and instead call the police to respond. Police are also telling people to be aware of who’s around while shopping, and not to draw attention with expensive jewelry or bags of expensive merchandise.

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